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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The French Are Weird

France is famous for defending its language and culture from foreign invaders, and now the French have a new enemy in their sights: ketchup. The French government is banning ketchup from school and university cafeterias—with a single exception. The American condiment can be served with French fries, the LA Times reports, but fries can only be served once a week. “France must be an example to the world in the quality of its food, starting with its children,” said the country's food and agriculture minister. No word, however, on France's French fries-dipped-in-mayonnaise policy at this time. 

The French are so fucking paranoid. No ketchup in schools? The fuck? And really the winner here is America because even though the French tried, who could deny children ketchup on their fries? That shit is a worldwide tradition. I think letting your kids get some delicious fries with ketchup is reasonable. But this ban means no ketchup for the following children's staples" hot dogs, burgers, pizza, tacos, AND pasta.

Big bad France, scared of ketchup

I mean what the fuck France, you want to be a world example for food? Stop being paranoid about your shit and let the kids eat ketchup on whatever they want. I mean we did save your asses in World War I and World War II and you left us holding the bag of flaming shit in Vietnam. So go fuck yourselves, ketchup is a mans condiment.

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