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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loser of the Week: 1/9/12

Play this song while reading. It's called multimedia bitches.

From Newser:
A former US Army soldier is in federal custody for a half-baked plan to join al-Shabab militants in Somalia. Prosecutors say Craig Baxam, 24, decided he wanted to live under Sharia law and tried to make his way to Somalia from Kenya carrying a Koran and a few hundred dollars. 

He was arrested on a bus in northern Kenya and handed over to US authorities, who have charged with him attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization, the Washington Post reports. 

Baxam, who joined the military in 2007 and was trained in cryptology and intelligence, told investigators that he had had no contact with al-Shabab. He says he became a secret Muslim last year after reading an Islamic website while serving in South Korea. 

He told agents that he was looking forward to "dying with a gun in my hand" and that he felt that al-Shabab's practice of beating people caught on the street during prayer time was "awesome." He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

This shit is too bizarre. I'll start by saying that if you want to dip out and go be a militant in Somalia, you should be allowed to. But apparently the fucking US government has eyes everywhere. Even north Kenya is helping us out. But what did this dude expect to have happen when he got to Somalia? You think that al-Shabab would see an American coming down the dirt road and not shot him in the face? I mean what the fuck dude did you see Black Hawk Down? They hate our asses over there.

I mean this says it all "he felt that al-Shabab's practice of beating people caught on the street during prayer time was 'awesome.'"

Yeah dude I think beating people for not conforming to one religion is awesome! Fucking assclown. If I were the US government I would have let him go be a Somalian pirate and just tell and US special forces if they engage Somalian militant to bust the melon of the white guy, game over. 

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  1. i guess the us army isn't so picky nowadays eh?