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Friday, February 3, 2012

Anonymous Hacks FBI

From Newser:
Anonymous thumbed its nose at the FBI today, posting a 16-minute recording of a recent conference call between its cybercrime investigators and their counterparts at Scotland Yard. The conversation isn't heavy on revelations or details, but the fact that Anonymous released it indicates that the hackers have access to FBI emails—indeed, they even posted the email containing the conference call's login information online, the Atlantic reports. 

The group then gloated via Twitter that it has been "able to continuously read [the FBI's] internal comms for some time now," according to the AP. The FBI says the call "was intended for law enforcement officers only," and that a criminal investigation is in the works to find whoever hacked it. In the call itself, the officers touch lightly on the hackers they've already apprehended and those they're pursuing, including someone called "Tehwongz" who may have hacked Steam, making off with 30,000 logins.

Fuck the police, I love anonymous. Think your communications are secure FBI? Think again. It's Friday and I'm hungover like a motherfucker so I'll start your weekend with this.

Go Pats.

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