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Monday, April 2, 2012

If you haven't seen Frozen Planet...

Then what are you waiting for? For the past month Sundays at 8 Discovery channel has been blowing minds like a blowjob from Sasha Grey.

The show is an extension of the Planet Earth series except it is all about the Arctic and Antarctic. Penguins, seals, bison, wolves, they got it all. For a little taste of what the show is all about go here.

Haters gunna hate

Shows like these amaze me because the animals and plants they show live in the harshest conditions on Earth and they thrive in the cold. Sure there are a couple scenes your girlfriend will hate, like watching the painful and bloody process of grey wolves taking down a bison for lunch, but that's what the fuck animals do. They eat each other.

Oh and the show is narrated by Alec Baldwin which seems like a weird choice but oddly enough he is like a poor-man's Morgan Freeman.

Bottom line is whatever shitty stuff you have going on at 8 this Sunday whether it's homework or moving a small illegal animal species across the country to a collector in Colorado, take an hour and get your mind blown by the sheer ridiculousness of the north and south poles and the cool animals that live there.

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  1. Did they show vids of freaking large leopard seals snacking on penguins?