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Thursday, March 31, 2011

NYC is like Two Years Behind Boston

So apparently women in New York City didn't hear all the shit about the Craigslist Killer in Boston a few years back.

From the NY Daily News:
Jeffrey Gray, who avoided arrest for two weeks by checking himself into a veterans' hospital, was jailed Thursday on charges of kidnapping, rape, false imprisonment and assault.

The elected planning board member attacked the 34-year-old victim after responding to her craigslist ad, where she was seeking a new home in New England, authorities charged.

Gray, 48, convinced the woman to visit his rented Windham, N.H., home on March 5. Police said she was instead taken captive, raped and held for three days before Gray drove her to Boston's Logan International Airport.

Alright, well I guess everyone slept on the Craigslist Killer in New York City. Remember? He lured massage hoes and killed them in Boston? Apparently some people didn't get the memo that if you're a woman, you probably shouldn't meet anyone you contact via Craigslist alone. You're just asking for trouble.

This woman is just lucky that this fucking moron decided to stop holding her captive and raping her to drop her at Logan. I swear to christ criminals are the dumbest people ever. "Sure, you promise you won't tell if I take you to Logan right? Okay I believe you woman I've been raping and holding in a dog kennel." How'd that work for you brosef? Jesus, where do they get this boondock psychopaths?

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