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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UConn Bus Kills Student

So last night a UConn bus ran over and killed a student from Massachusetts.

From Huffington Post:
STORRS, Conn. — A University of Connecticut shuttle bus has run over and killed a student from Massachusetts.

UConn police say the bus struck the student Tuesday night at an intersection on the campus in Storrs, 25 miles east of Hartford.

A witness called campus police, who arrived with campus firefighters and gave first aid to the student. Paramedics were called because of the severity of the student's injuries but couldn't save him.
UConn police say a medical examiner will determine the cause of the student's death.

The police have been interviewing people who saw the accident. They say no charges have been filed.

UConn police have identified the student as 20-year-old David N. Plamondon. They say he was from Westminster, Mass., and was a UConn student living off campus.

Jesus Christ, how fast can a bus be going on campus where it just flat out smashed a kid? The fuck is going on UConn bus drivers? This is some weird shit. I guarantee it comes out that either the student was drunk and like ran in front of the speeding bus, or the bus driver was wasted and just trying to nail kids for fun. Either way, it's fucked.

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