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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whoopi Recieved Oscar Blazed

So who gives a fuck about Whoopi Goldberg anymore, I sure as shit don't, but TMZ has obtained a video of her admitting that when she won her Oscar in 1991, she had smoked a fat joint beforehand and made her acceptance speech ripped as anything. Now this isn't groundbreaking, I'm sure if they drug tested award recipients at awards shows you'd be shocked at all the types of shit actors are on when they make their heartfelt speeches. But the fact that she admits it is awesome.

I'm high as fuck!

Her description of receiving the award high as shit is hilarious.

From TMZ: 
An unabashed Whoopi dropped the bombshell during a voice-over recording session for the movie, "The Pagemaster" back in 1992.

Whoopi explained how she smoked a "wonderful joint" to help calm her nerves before winning the Best Supporting Actress award for "Ghost" ... and was so high during the award show, she had to mentally coach herself on to the stage. 
After the Oscars, Goldberg says she got a call from her mother -- who could tell Whoopi had smoked weed because of her "glistening eyes."

TMZ won't let me imbed the video because they are fascists, so here's the link to the hilarious video.

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