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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Four Loko 1, 13-year-old 0

From Dailymail:
A 13-year-old boy who died falling out of a moving car while throwing up after being fatally stuck by a passing vehicle was drinking controversial alcoholic beverage Four Loko.
Eighth-grader Michael Truluck, of Baltimore County, Maryland, got his hands on the drink that was banned in nearby Baltimore City for its potent mix of caffeine and alcohol.

The drink was removed from shelves while makers distributed a caffeine-free version, after a series of legal claims it caused irreparable side-effects.

Baltimore County Police told ABC News the car carrying Truluck was making a turn out of the Auto Zone parking onto a busy highway in Parkville on Saturday evening when the accident occurred.
The driver of the car that hit him stopped at the scene, the station reports.

Truluck's mother, Kris Keys, spoke at a vigil for her son on Sunday, where 100 of his peers were in attendance to pay their respects. 

Mrs Keys did not give any indication she had plans to sue the company.

Look this story is awful. All I'm going to say in humor about it is that every pro drinker knows you drop the window to puke safely.

The real reason I'm steamed about this story is that last line "Mrs Keys did not give any indication she had plans to sue the company." Are you fucking kidding me? Sue a company that changed their product to make it safer and then sue them because your fucking 13 YEAR OLD drank one of their 21+ drinks and had to puke? The fact that whoever wrote the article included that is fucked. Of course she shouldn't be suing the company, she should sue herself for not knowing that her kid is riding around fucked up as shit on Four Loko. That's on you lady, not the company.

It's not their fault you are a shit parent
It all goes back to this culture of non-responsibility. It's never the parents fault. It's the ADULT beverage company whose product was misused by an underage kid. Or it's the media for making Four Loko so well known. Try motherfucking parenting people, it works wonders.

Oh and can you imagine drinking a Four Loko at 13? What the fuck man kid must have been a champ. I would have taken one sip and given up alcohol forever 8 years before turning 21. 

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