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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pepper sprayed at Disneyland

Jesus man this is some shit. I feel like since the whole Occupy thing cops are just pepper spraying everybody out there. Hide your eyes and hide your ears.

Gotta love the friends trying to calm Sean down while they videotape him getting muffed in the face.

"I think this guy's been drinking vodka!" Love it.

And what the fuck, just when you think the video sucks dude gets up and the old guy with the hat bops him with the mace AGAIN. This video is great.

Alright all hilarity aside Disney security what the fuck is up? I mean I know 99% of the time you only have to deal with little shit kids who piss their pants or lose their mommy. But 1% of the time you have this dude. And it took civilians to help hold him down, security couldn't even deal with him themselves. Get your shit together Disney come on I mean seriously what if this dude was a drunken Al Qaeda operative or some shit.

Grandpa with pepper spray versus an actual threat? Seems like the kiddies at the ice cream stand might get blown the fuck up. Unless the Lakers jersey guy is there. Then there will be serious blood.

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