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Monday, April 4, 2011

Squirrel Exploding Causes Power Outage

Alright so for about two hours on Saurday MCLA and most of North Adams had a power outage. What catastrophic event could cause a two-hour outage to more than a thousand people? A squirrel frying itself at the power company looking for nuts or lady squirrels or something.

From iBerkshires:  
NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — A squirrel is responsible for the power outage on Saturday night that left some 1,400 customers in North Adams in the dark for nearly two hours, including Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

National Grid spokesman David Graves said a squirrel got into a substation on Walker Street and damaged a piece of equipment. Some 28 customers in Clarksburg near the substation and another 410 along Route 2 in Florida were also affected. Power was restored at 11:27 p.m.

"All substations are equipped with anti-animal protections but squirrels can get into just about anywhere they want to go to get to a food source," said Graves. 

Alright my first question is where is the security cam video of the squirrel digging into some electrical shit and exploding? I know sure as shit that to cause a two-hour disruption they had to be cleaning fried squirrel guts off of something important.

They sneaking in your gutters, snatching your power up

Second, what the fuck are "anti-animal protections"? Like mousetraps or something? I mean what the fuck kind of animal would get into a power station besides a rat or squirrel or something? Its not like you need bear traps and armed guards. Just fucking seal the place up. Bush league is what that is. How am I supposed to black out on a Saturday night when I already can't see shit? Bush league National Grid.

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