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Monday, April 4, 2011

Shen Teachers Don't Fuck Around

So I saw this reader email on Barstool this morning. I perked up when the reader said it happened at Shenendehowa. Fuck Shen, let's get that out of the way first. They are some pussies who need to pit their fat chicks against each other for fun.

But then I watched the video and man, this teacher does not fuck around when he sees Mody Dick wailing on that bitch on the ground.

Yeah that's right freshman, welcome to the big leagues. This isn't middle school. Nobodies going to yell at you to stop, here in high school we stomp that ass. And I love how he stands over the capsized ship like "What? Get up so I can knock you down again Rook." So badass.

I'll bet fifty bucks with anyone this dude is suspended within the next 72 hours.

Oh and this is why Saratoga fucks Shen's day up. You think Torres is going to get caught on tape whopping somebody? Nah, that motherfucker breaks everyone's phones within a half-mile, then beats the shit out of the kid. This teacher is awesome but Fuck Shen.

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