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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loser of the Week: 9/26

When was the last time we all heard from shitty rapper Petey Pablo? Never, yeah I know. Freak-a-leek is a thing of the past and Petey has fallen off the earth, until now.

From TMZ:
Rapper Petey Pablo has been sentenced to spend 35 months in federal prison after trying to take a loaded, stolen handgun through a NC airport last year.

Pablo -- famous for hits like "Freak-A-Leek" and "Raise Up" -- had pleaded guilty to possessing a stolen firearm in a North Carolina courtroom.

As TMZ previously reported, officials found the loaded weapon in Pablo's bag when it went through an X-ray machine at the security checkpoint.

An investigation revealed the gun was stolen in a home burglary in Gardena, CA back in 2005. 

Who the fuck brings a loaded gun into an airport? My guess is there are two reasons. Possibility one: Petey Pablo forgot there was a loaded, stolen firearm in his bag. In this case he is both thug as fuck and has mad guns, and he's an idiot. Second scenario: he got so fucking high to go to the airport he completely forgot that you aren't allowed to have a gun on an airplane. So here's to you Petey Pablo, for being completely useless and the idiot of the week. I mean come on man.

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