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Friday, October 14, 2011

1 Year of Beating Off

So today one year ago I made this blog. One year and 78,000 hits later I'm still trucking. And in honor of my one-year blog birthday I'm going to lay into some anonymous comment I got the other day.

This is a comment on my Maxim Hot 100 post. And apparently some "hot" chick did not like my funny commentary on the slut-list.

As funny as these comments are you do realize that the list is not to be taken seriously? I mean it's mostly for publicity and also so people can talk about who should or shouldn't be on the list. I knew a girl that modeled for maxim and she was on their list but like in the 90s and she was just a regular hot girl. I mean Anne Hathaway is pretty but is she really the 7th prettiest girl in the world? I know ten girls hotter in NYC, including myself. But we aren't famous so no one knows who we are. :-) I think people apply for the list or their publicists do. A lot of unknown models do maxim for exposure, though it ruins real careers for serious models but then they apply for the hot 100 like some of the hometown hotties chicks. 

Anonymous chick from NYC. You are possibly the dumbest person to comment on my blog this year. And that is saying something.
Your assumption that I take that list as "serious" is laughable. The motherfucking entire post is about what Maxim got wrong. This line was classic too.

I mean it's mostly for publicity and also so people can talk about who should or shouldn't be on the list.
No fucking shit you moron. That is why I posted it so I could argue or agree with parts of the list. If you have read any of my fucking blog you know I just rip on dumb bitches like yourself. Oh and as for claiming you have hot model friends and are hot, you are lying. I don't give a flying fuck what you say. You don't come onto a smut-filled blog as a hot chick and rip on the Maxim Hot 100 list. It just doesn't happen. I mean I don't really think Anne Hathaway is that hot, but YOU aren't hotter than her. You should face reality and just admit you are ugly and spiteful towards attractive women.

And how the fuck does Maxim ruin the careers of "serious" models? You mean getting worldwide exposure in a magazine with massive circulation is terrible for the career of a model? I'm pretty sure you are a fucking moron and the opposite is true.

This is just an example of someone who shouldn't read my blog. Some chick who thinks my posts are serious. I mean I know you can't always sense sarcasm in text but for fuck's sake I try to make it obvious. And second, to the ladies, I know this blog is geared towards dudes. It's just the way it is. It's about crazy shit and hot women and sports and drugs. I'm sorry if you cry at night because you want to be a Maxim model but jesus christ don't comment on my posts if you are going to take some high road type shit on me. I'll take the motherfuckin' low road all day and make you up your intake of ice cream to two gallons a night instead of one.

Anyway, thank you to all my loyal readers. I try to make this blog a great way to get information from the world in a funny way and help everyone take life a little less seriously. Thank you all and Monday starts another year of beating off into your eyes and making you laugh about it.


  1. obviously maxim ruins the careers of models. The idea behind modeling is for no one to ever see you right?

  2. ah hahahhahhahahhahhahhahhahahahhah!!!!!!!!!!!!!