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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Colts

If you didn't see highlights of the Colts Saints game from yesterday you are truly missing out. I mean it was some record-setting, coater-hanger abortion type shit.

From ESPN:
NEW ORLEANS -- Fans sitting in the upper deck of the Superdome turned their backs to the field, where the New Orleans Saints were setting franchise records, and saluted head coach Sean Payton, who was sitting high above in a booth with his broken leg propped up.

He might as well have had both feet up by the middle of the third quarter.Drew Brees completed 31 of 35 passes for 325 yards and five touchdowns, and the Saints set a franchise record for points and victory margin in a 62-7 demolition of the hapless Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night.

Click through to the ESPN story to see highlights and the records the Saints broke while they raped the Colts.

My question is this: has one injury ever fucked up an NFL team this much before? I mean literally the Colts lose Peyton Manning and it's like they don't know how to do anything. Even on defense they are lost as fuck.

Oh and I know right now everyone is hopping on the Drew Brees express, because that is what people do when a team assrapes another team. But look at this.

In New Orleans, Brees rapes you

From ESPN:
Drew Brees became only the 2nd player since the merger (1970) to throw for at least 300 pass yards and 5 TD without throwing a pick in a single game 3 times. Only Tom Brady has done that more with 4 such games.

Eat a dick Drew Brees.

So in the foot race for the Andrew Locke sweepstakes right now I'd say we have a two team race. Miami hasn't gotten a win yet and they look like shit. The Colts also are 0-7 and they look fucking miserable too.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Colts will be the worst team in the NFL this year. Just because the Dolphins are awful, and they've been bad for awhile. But I mean the Colts right now are just sitting in the locker room like "What the fuck, aren't we good?" And the answer is no my friends, no you are not good.

I mean lets look at the Colts quarterbacks who played yesterday.

Curtis Painter, that powerhouse from Purdue, went 9 for 17 with 67 yards and 1 INT. I mean what the fucking fuck? Is that a real NFL game? This dude couldn't even complete 10 passes. The fuck?

Winner #1

Then they tossed in Dan Orlovsky because when you are getting housed by like 50 points who gives a fuck. The former UConn stud went 3 for 5 with 35 yards.

Winner #2

This is why the Colts are the worst team in the NFL. Combine two moron quarterbacks and you don't get a smart one. You just suck. IT's embarrassing. My bet is on Peyton committing suicide before he gets back on the field. Because without him, they might as well forfeit.

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  1. they should let the colts play 12 players on offense