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Monday, October 10, 2011

Insult Thai Royals, Get Fucked

From Newser:
A Thai-born US citizen pleaded guilty earlier today to charges of insulting Thailand's royal family, reports the AP. Joe Gordon, 54, returned to Thailand in March after living in the United States for about 30 years. He was arrested in May for translating excerpts of a banned biography of the king—titled The King Never Smiles—into Thai and publishing them online, in an article that allegedly insulted the monarchy. 

Gordon faces up to 15 years in prison; after being denied bail eight times, he decided to plead guilty in hopes of receiving leniency or a pardon. "The fact that his bail requests have been repeatedly denied, that disheartened him and made him want to plead guilty," said his lawyer. "He said he wanted the penalty to be lessened and intended to ask for the royal pardon."

I post this just as a reality check to people. In other countries if you do something that the royalty sees as insulting, they put your ass in jail. Here we can call Obama anything from a panty-wearing priss to that Monday Night Football guy who compared him to Hilter. I know sometimes the government is fucking retarded here, but at least we aren't in jail for saying it.

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