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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jorge Posada to Retire

From ESPN:
NEW YORK -- With tears filling his eyes, Jorge Posada announced his retirement from baseball on Tuesday. Posada began the press conference by reading from a prepared statement, calling his experience as a Yankee "priceless." 

He thanked many in and outside the Yankees organization, including his wife, Laura, whom he called his "rock." When he got to his teammates, he briefly cried as he spoke about his best friend, shortstop Derek Jeter

"Hopefully, you won't miss me that much," Posada said to Jeter, who was in attendance.

Ay Jorge!

Yeah right Jorge, don't fucking worry. You were a great Yankee back in the day but right now Jeter wants your salary off the motherfuckin' books don't get it twisted.

All Yankee hate aside I respect athletes who stay with a team for their entire career. I mean normally I'd say that shows that it isn't about the money to them, but when the organization is the Yankees, it's obviously about the cashish. But seriously, I hate the Yankees but I love athletes that come out and just say "I want to be here for the rest of my career," and would rather retire than possibly get traded to stumble into the sunset as the 8th hitter on the Royals or some shit. Peep Jorge's career stats here.

This will proabably be the only positive Yankee post I ever post until Jeter retires. What, are you surprised I have a soul and like Derek Jeter? Me too.

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  1. jorge was smooth though, no batting gloves necessary