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Monday, January 23, 2012

Snoop Calls Wiz Stoner of the Year

From High Times:
Who will be the HIGH TIMES Stoner of the Year? Snoop Dogg - who won the prestigious award in 2002 - thinks Wiz Khalifa has earned the high honor.

During a HIGH TIMES photo shoot in Hollywood, California Snoop made a spontaneous announcement, nominating Wiz for Stoner of the Year. Do you agree with Snoop? Should Wiz take home the famous bong throphy?

Find out who will win Stoner of the Year at the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, California – February 11-12, 2012.

Don’t miss the exclusive HIGH TIMES interview with Snoop and Wiz in the April issue of HT (on newsstands February 14). And, look for Snoop and Wiz in their new movie Mac & Devin Go to High School in theaters this February.

Damn, for Wiz getting the nod from Snoop, the king of the rapper stoners is a pretty big deal. He has brought marijuana to the forefront of the popular rap scene in a huge way. Kid Cudi has too no doubt, but as far as popularity and shit I think Wiz has him beat. Either way I think he will win it for sure.

Gotta teach Wiz to cover them red eyes Snoop

What's this about a Wiz/Snoop movie? I don't even know what to think about this shit. Let's hypothesize: Snoop Dogg is the old OG mentor. Wiz goes back to high school to finish up school or something. Marijuana may be a major part of the movie. I'm just going out on a limb. I'll see that shit for sure though. Maybe Snoop and Wiz are creating a multi-million dollar rap/movie duo right before our eyes.

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