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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bacon Shake?

From Newser:
When it comes to the battle for the most indulgent, artery-clogging American fast food treat, the list of contenders is a long one. And now, a new entrant: Jack in the Box has begun offering a limited-edition Bacon Shake. And, in true fast-food-isn't-just-like-real-food fashion, there's actually not any bacon in it. So what is in a 24-ounce serving, besides 1,081 calories? 

Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, a maraschino cherry and "bacon-flavored syrup," reports Yahoo, which points to the experience of a poor SFist blogger who tried it. Brock Keeling's verdict? "Wow. That was horrific." Dubbing it a "tummy error," he calls it "aggressively bad," and describes the taste as "a heavy, lingering bland with a touch of smoke that doesn't go away."

Boring shake? Add swine-flavored syrup!

Where the fuck is the nearest Jack in the Box? I want to try this abortion of taste. I don't give a fuck if some dude calls it shitty. I'm a staunch believer in bacon being added to any food at all making that food better. Try and disprove it. Too bad there isn't a Jack in the Box for like 200 miles or else I'd already be shitting a slab of ice cream and bacon flavored stuff. Delicious. 

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