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Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Hefner Arrested

From Newser:
Hugh Hefner's son is making headlines, but not for a good reason: Marston, Hef's 21-year-old son, was arrested last night for allegedly attacking last year's Playmate of the Year … who also just so happens to be his girlfriend. Police were called to the California pad where the younger Hefner lives with Claire Sinclair, 20, after a Sinclair family member called 911. 

Sinclair was visibly injured, law enforcement sources tell TMZ, and she told police Hefner punched and kicked her and then blocked her from leaving. Hefner admitted to an argument, but denied hitting Sinclair, whom he has been dating on-and-off since 2010. 

So this is the latest in a category of stories I call "Ungrateful cocksucker goes nuts". You take one ungrateful cocksucker who's the son of one of the pimpest dudes ever, AND dates the Playmate of the year. So what does this asshole do? He punches and kicks his goddess girlfriend and gets arrested. I bet Hugh is going to bail him out and then have the mansion security beat the piss out of this little fuck. Come on Hef I mean the biggest baller in America should at least be able to keep his twenty-something cocksucker son in line. Step your game up Hef.

Oh and by the way I think there should be some scale in law that deals with domestic abuse. If your girlfriend is determined to be an 8 or higher by a judge then your sentence is more severe. I'm just saying this guy is lucky I'm not in charge or he'd be fucked.

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  1. it was still cool to smack a bitch when hef was growing up, and since then it's been his mansion his rules. he's probably confused about the arrest...