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Monday, February 13, 2012


So because good old American McDonald's isn't good enough for the motherfucking French they felt the need to change it up and Frenchify McDonald's in France.

From NY Daily News:
McDonald's in France is launching a ‘Frenchified' range of products including McBaguettes as well as sandwiches made with regional ‘terroir' cheeses.

Tweaking menus to cater to local taste buds has become the recipe for success for multi-national fast food chains.

The new Cantal sandwich

In France, that means replacing sesame seed buns on McDonald's burgers with crusty baguette breads, and swapping American processed cheese with local, with gourmet terroir cheeses like Fourme d'Ambert and the Saint-Nectaire, both of which are certified AOC. The Appellation d'origine controlee translates to 'controlled designation of origin' and protects a product's terroir and its place of origin.

More details on the new McBaguette sandwiches will be revealed at a media launch February 16 in Paris.

The French are some cocky fuckers. I mean why does McDonald's cave and change their shit up for the fucking frogs? It's not like McDonald's food is "local" anywhere else. Like how the fuck is anyone going to say chicken nuggets and Big Mac's are some kind of local food at all. It's motherfucking fast food. They serve Big Macs, not baguette bullshit. If you want that you French pricks then go to a real restaurant instead of the golden arches like everyone else in the world does.

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