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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Man Issues: Valentine's Day

Why the fuck do people go around today telling people "Happy Valentine's Day!"? I mean what if my Valentine dumped me today and you bringing it up just put my day in the fucking shitter.

And even though I do have an awesome woman to celebrate this stupid holiday with, but that doesn't make it any less stupid. I give props to Hallmark, no other company has a holiday to strictly benefit its' industry. I mean I'm sure in two years there will be some kind of holiday involving Apple or iPhones or some shit. You know it's coming.

The ugly truth

Basically this holiday is made to put motherfucking pressure on dudes. Devoting yourself to your woman for 365 days isn't enough? Here's a day where you have the added pressure of buying chocolate or presents and cards and rose petal on the bed and chariot rides and buying ponies and cheese. It's just awful. Who the fuck even uses cards anymore? I usually just do the old Facebook message. Maybe toss in a sideways heart or some shit. That's how I roll.

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