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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stupidity: Should Be Punishable by Death

Jesus Christ, I'm getting back to the swing of looking for idiots to make fun of for your amusement and one just fell into my lap. And actually made me angry. The Smoking Gun reports that Caira Ferguson, 21, is under arrest after being charged with child endangerment, unlawful restraint, and false imprisonment.

What did Caira do you ask? Well, she duct-taped her 18 month old daughter to a chair, duct-taped her mouth, and then posed with her for a picture, which ended up on the internet. I know, I know, but wait, there's more. The police raided her home, and guess what, the duct-tape and chair were still there. “The chair was found to still had remnants of duct tape affixed to the arms and legs,” police noted. Jesus lady, talk about not hiding evidence. For fucks sake. But wait, this is a triple crown of stupidity people, no just a duo. Full story at TSG.

Caira actually went to the police herself to say someone leaked the picture, which she then gave to police. She claimed someone stole her identity of some bullshit and leaked the photo. Well, being the police and not falling for moronic bullshit, she got charged instead.

Congratulations Caira, you are so fucking dumb that I think you are one of the people who should be put to death for stupidity. I would pull the trigger myself. First, for some fucking deranged reason, instead of "time-out" you institute some sort of duct-tape punishment. Jesus Christ it brings back traumatic memories of me and my fellow students getting seat-belted to chairs in the Queensbury Elementary cafeteria. Oh I shit you not, it happened.

Anyway, so your method of punishment for a toddler is duct-taping them and throwing the pics on their facebook you made them so their friends know they've been bad. I can see that. But then going to the police yourself? Gimme a fucking break. "Oh someone stole my identity officer, and here's a photo of me and my cute baby, don't mind the duct-tape. I photoshopped it." The cop must have just looked at her dumbfounded and been like yeah, I think I might have to arrest you. This story makes me mad that morons can't just be killed. This woman does not need to add more of her DNA to the gene pool.

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