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Thursday, March 24, 2011

South Dakota Hates Abortion, And Women's Rights

So there are always crazy anti-abortion laws being thrown around all over the country. But the latest anti-abortion legislation in South Dakota is over the top.

from The Daily Beast:
The law, HB1217, requires women seeking abortions to first have a private consultation at a crisis pregnancy center, or CPC. Such centers are religious outfits that mimic the look of women’s health clinics, often deliberately imitating their logos and signage, but which exist solely to convince women not to abort...

CPCs are usually staffed by volunteers with no medical training, though they often wear scrubs or white lab coats in order to look authoritative. They offer free pregnancy tests, but are known for withholding the results until women listen to antiabortion lectures or watch antiabortion videos. Frequently, they give women false information about the risks of abortion. The website of the Alpha Center, a leading CPC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, says that abortion increases risks for breast cancer, infertility, and depression, all claims that mainstream researchers refute.

According to the American Psychological Association, for example, “The best scientific evidence published indicates that among adult women who have an unplanned pregnancy, the relative risk of mental-health problems is no greater if they have a single elective first-trimester abortion than if they deliver that pregnancy.” But Allen Unruh, a chiropractor who cofounded the Alpha Center with his wife, Leslee, insists that the APA is purposefully spreading misinformation. “They refuse to publish the studies that have been done, because they don’t comport with their worldview,” he says. South Dakota’s government is thus directing women to centers that treat mainstream medical opinion as a liberal conspiracy.

Over the years, CPC misdeeds have been well documented. In 1991, then-Congressman Ron Wyden held hearings into their deceptive tactics, concluding they “hold out that they are health clinics, but when the women get there, there are no medical professionals. A very strident, very aggressive antiabortion campaign is what they get.” This month, New York City passed a law requiring such centers to disclose what services they do and do not provide, and to tell women whether they have a licensed medical provider on site 

Alright I know I put up a huge section of the article. But this one is for the ladies. Shit like this gets me so heated. What it comes down to is a state enforcing a law which forces women to be exposed to a "conservative" (religious) point of view on abortion. It is called fucking bullshit. Like do pro-lifers think that planned parenthood is just a couple hippies with a coat-hanger aborting fetuses all day for shits and giggles? Like there is actually some serious medical shit going on, unlike the CPC clinics which just guilt the shit out of emotionally vulnerable pregnant women. I'm sure they just show you slide shows of dead gross fetuses and are like "oh and by the way, did I mention Jesus will hate you if you continue through with the abortion?"

Isn't there separation of church and state in this country? Like what the fuck is going on? Fucking religious nuts. If I was a girl and had to go through that shit I'd sit there and be like "I'm aborting because a priest raped me in the name of Jesus, so go fuck yourself you self-righteous child-molesting piece of ignorant donkey shit."

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