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Monday, April 18, 2011

Guyism's Hottest Sitcom MILF's

So Guyism dropped a list of the top ten hottest MILF's on TV, ever. And while some of the picks are stupid (Marge Simpson over Lois Griffin? Get the fuck outta here), a couple are noteworthy.

Coming in at #7 we have Nancy Botwin from Weeds. This is like a slap in the face to Nancy, she got beat out by some chick from Bewitched? Really? I think she is a shoe-in for top 5.

She has bud too? Sold.
#3 and #2 are Sheila Keefe and Janet Gavin from Rescue Me. Great show, hotty MILF's all over the place. Tommy has put his dick in every hot mommy on the East Side, but these two are definitely tops. I would bitch about them not getting the top spot but I mean I can't argue with...


#1, Becky from Full House. Bam. Genius pick Guyism. Just throwing out a 90's fastball. The only reason it even made sense that Full House had such a hot woman on it was she was married to John Stamos.

Hottest TV MILF
Props to Guyism, sure they fucked around and put some weird people up in there, but where it matters they came through. Top three just bringing the fucking heat. Bam!

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