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Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Motivation

Alright well if you are like me you need every ounce of extra motivation you can to get in the gym and get your swell on. Well, here's some motivation for your ass, this 9-year-old girl in Vermont is a squatting beast. A fucking champ.

Seriously what the fuck is in the water in Burlington? I've lived up there in the Green Mountain State and it didn't help my squat for shit.

I love the dudes lifting in the background. I would have to wait until this spectacle stopped honestly. Trying to lift while next to you a 9-year-old is crushing records like it's her fucking job, not gunna happen for me. I think it just makes these dudes look like tools "Nah man I want to go right now, fuck that little girl, I'll out lift her." Bet that makes you feel strong, douche.

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