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Monday, September 19, 2011

Quarterbacks are Dropping Like Flies

If you think after this weekend that the lockout isn't going to cause the NFL to be wide open due to injuries this year you are fucking insane.

Tony Romo led his team to a win with a broken rib.

Mark Sanchez got hurt throwing when his team was already up 30 points.

Obviously Peyton Manning is out and the Colts are fucked.

Michael Vick of course got  concussed running all over the place against the Falcons.

Jamaal Charles, sick-ass running back for the Chiefs, has a possibly torn ACL.

The list goes on and on.

This is why the entire lockout "let's hurry to get a deal done so we can have a season" thing is kind of fucked. Now this year all sorts of injuries are hurting players, and owners as well. I mean for fucks sake at this rate we're going to have a Superbowl with two teams running backups everywhere. Dudes are dropping like flies.

Everyone hushed up anyone talking about how many injuries there would be without a full preseason, well now we are seeing it in action. Some of the best Quarterbacks, and running backs, have already bit the dust. Shit, young guys who were in college last year probably have an advantage over dudes who have been in the league for once. That's why Cam Newton is tearing teams new assholes. Until he tears an ACL and they have to take him out back and shoot him too.

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