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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sheen Roast Tonight

Tonight at 10 on Comedy Central. Charlie Sheen getting roasted. Be there. The motherfucking Warlock himself will allow the peons of comedy to rip on him. And then he will shoot fireballs at them.

I mean the new and of course horrible Two and a Half Men complete with Ashton Kutcher premieres at 9.

Clear winner, not the mountain man

The question is, who the fuck will keep watching "Men"? Without Charlie Sheen it is just Alan being awkward and Jake being awkward. I mean fuck, now Berta is the funniest character on the show. Not good. Then at 10 the Warlock gets roasted and it will be funny as fuck. I guarantee it. There is just too much material for guys like Seth Macfarlane to not crush Sheen. And then everyone will hold their breath when the Warlock himself takes the mic and makes an ass of himself. It will be great tv. Be there.

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