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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She Hates Beiber

You know when you come in your room to relax, and your dumbass roommate is playing Justin Beiber? I mean at that point what does every sane person want to do...stab the shit out of their Beiber-loving idiot roommate. Well, this crazy chick did just that.

Don't change the song on this bitches Ipod

From Huffington Post:
UPPER MARLBORO, Md. — An attorney for a Maryland college student accused of stabbing a roommate to death after they argued about music says his client was acting in self-defense.
An attorney for Alexis Simpson says the stabbing was a tragic accident. Prosecutors disagree, saying Simpson had made a choice to end Dominique Frazier's life last week.

A judge ordered Simpson, 19-year-old Bowie State University student, held without bond Monday.
Court documents say Simpson stabbed Frazier inside their dormitory-style apartment after the two women argued about music playing from an iPod.
A preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 14.

You gotta love douchebag defense lawyers. Self defense bro? From what, the shitty music Justin Beiber unleashes on the world? Personally I would have tried for insanity. Stabbing someone over the playlist that's bumping is pretty fucking close to pure insanity. Throw in Rebecca Black and this chick would burn the whole place down probably. "Tragic incident" my ass, your client shanked her roommate because of music.

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