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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red Sox Collapse

I know it's a tough morning for Red Sox Nation. Let me start by saying the Pats Superbowl win is going to make this all much easier in a few months.

The Red Sox completed the worst September collapse ever last night by losing to the Orioles to lose their wild card bid to the streaking Rays. What is next for the Sox? Obviously something has got to change. During the end of August no one could stop the Sox and 30 days later they couldn't hit their way out of an irish domestic dispute. Jacoby and Pedroia can't keep an entire team competitive, something has got to give.

His back hurts

We still have the Bruins and Pats people don't jump in front of the T yet.

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  1. "...they couldn't hit their way out of an irish domestic dispute." Great line, first laugh I've been able to muster all day. -Don Allen