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Thursday, September 22, 2011

They Are Going to Kill Scarface

I fucking couldn't believe this bullshit when I read it. Apparently there is a movie in the works which will be the third Scarface movie. And mark my fucking words, they are going to destroy one of the best gangster films of all time.

From Newser:
Say hello to my little friend ... again. Sort of. Universal Pictures is preparing to make (but not remake) a third Scarface, which it says will not be a rehashing of or sequel to either the 1932 or 1983 films, but a new version, reports Deadline. It'll share the same premise (outsider busts his way into the criminal underworld in a bid to achieve the, ahem, American dream; violence is involved). 

No word on ethnicity or geography (Italian/Chicago, Cuban/Miami played big in the first two versions, Deadline reminds us). Former Universal head Marc Shmuger will produce, along with Martin Bregman, who produced the Al Pacino version. 

How can you one-up this guy?

I could give a fuck about the 1932 movie, but I swear to god if they sully the good name of Tony Montana I will go fucking postal. I mean are no movies sacred anymore? Why don't they just destroy the Godfather too? Or remake fucking Goodfellas. Jesus when will the madness end?

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