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Monday, October 24, 2011

Anonymous Makes a PR Move

So you've probably heard of the hacker group "Anonymous". They have been responsible for a number of hacks country-wide in the past year. But this time they are putting their hacking skills to good use.

From Newser:
It turns out that the hacker collective Anonymous can do more than just mess with the New York Stock Exchange and protest San Francisco public transit—since the beginning of the month, about a half dozen of its members have been busy infiltrating Lolita City, one of the worst "dark net" forums for housing kiddie porn, reports Gawker. So far, they've unveiled details on 1,589 users of the child porn haven and identified and shut down Freedom Hosting, which they say is the worst single host of underage smut, reports Ars Technica; doing so took down 40 such websites, including Lolita City, they say. 

Child pornographers have found an effective way to hide from law enforcement: by using Tor, a service that enables online anonymity by routing traffic through volunteer servers, protecting, for instance, activists operating in countries with oppressive governments. "We have been targeting them in secret for a while now, taking down their servers as much as possible," said one hacker. "We decided to seek media attention for this operation so that we may get the resources needed to shut them down on a more permanent basis."

Now this is a fucking genius PR move if I have ever seen one. Getting on America's bad side by hacking all kinds of important shit? Well win our hearts back instantly by going after the most fucked up people around, kiddie porn people. I mean I think most everyone can agree that nothing is really more sick than a website of old dudes looking at child porn. So take the sites down and make them watch adult porn like the rest of us normal people.

Then, just when we think Anonymous is on our side, they unleash their master plan. They take down Facebook and the iPhone and thousands of teenage girls everywhere begin committing suicide. Genius.

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  1. not facebook bro, one of the main reasons the arab spring was even possible