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Monday, October 10, 2011

Movie Review: I Spit on Your Grave

I don't know what kind of movie person you are. But I'm one of those people who loves stumbling upon movies that brag about how fucked up they are and challenge people to watch them because oh my god they are so sadistic and shit. I think it's called Human Centipede Syndrome or some shit. Anyway.

If I can handle it? Challenge accepted

I was at Red Box last night looking for some mind-numbing shit and saw I Spit on Your Grave. Here are some key words in the description and told me I was in the right place for stomach-flipping torture. Rape, torture, sadistic rednecks. Tell me they wouldn't have your $1.07 after that shit.

So if you've read this far and you are a sick sunuvabitch like me then here's a little review of I Spit on Your Grave.

Here's the trailer to start it off.

Alright so here's the quick premise. City-chick writer goes to a cabin in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and mentally deranged rednecks assault her and leave her to die basically. And then she fucks their day up in ridiculous ways. Sound good? It is. There are at least three scenes where I was squirming while someone was tortured. I mean it's like a poor man's saw without the douchebag mastermind guy. Just an hour and forty minutes of raw torture. Besides the first fifteen minutes setting the whole situation up.

If you want to watch something fucked up, head to a Red Box and pick this crazy fucking movie up. If you like to not witness brutal acts of torture, see Lion King 3D or some shit.

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