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Friday, February 17, 2012

Loser of the Week: 2/13/12

From NY Daily News:
An entrance into President Obama's helicopter's airspace could prove to be a low point for one high-flying private plane.

The privately owned Cessna was intercepted by two Air Force F-16 fighter jets and escorted to Long Beach Airport, where it was met with Secret Service and local law enforcement officials, ABC News reported. Once on the ground, agents found 40 pounds of marijuana inside, sources told the Associated Press.

The President was never in any danger, sources told the AP.
There was an 8 mile radius off-limits to air traffic during Obama's liftoff from California, but officials declined to say how close the pot-filled plane came.

The pilots were turned over to law enforcement after officials determined they posed no threat to Obama.

If you see it, you're already fucked

Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. What time did you set up that deal to fly forty pounds of weed to that dude? Well fucking Obama wanted to surf today so you are fucked.

I wouldn't have even landed that bitch, I would dare those idiots to shoot me down. And then they would. But talk about shitting your pants when you land with your forty fucking pounds and the feds meet you on the tarmac. They probably confiscated the bud for Obama's personal use. Loser of the motherfucking week.

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