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Monday, February 20, 2012

Why are people surprised

that college athletes smoke pot?

From Huffington Post:
National Center for Drug Free Sport vice president Andrea Wickerham said the arrests of four football players among 15 TCU students and four former students on suspicion of selling marijuana is symbolic of an increasing pot problem in college athletics.

She hopes administrators across the nation are paying attention.
"I hope they don't see this event at TCU as an isolated incident. It's not," she said. "The question is, `What does TCU do about it?' and what do other college administrators do?"

The arrests at TCU came Wednesday, just a month after the NCAA said that 22.6 percent of 20,474 student-athletes participating in an anonymous survey in 2009 admitted to using marijuana the previous 12 months. That number was up from 21.2 percent in 2005.

Dear National Center for Druge Free Sport, college kids smoke pot. If Michael Phelps can do it and crush at the Olympics, then you can smoke a little weed and play football at TCU. Believe me. And as for suspicion of selling marijuana, anyone who is smart and smokes a decent amount of pot should be selling it. It's called cutting costs. If you are going to burn it down all day in the off-season then you sell a little bit to finance your habit. It's just a little bit of weed.

TCU Football equipment closet?

Last night I watched some shit on Nat Geo that pissed me off like nothing else. IT was a Drugs Inc. episode about fake weed and coke and shit. IF you don't want kids smoking Spice and K2 and all that fucking weird synthetic shit then LET US SMOKE WEED. If a smart person tells you they think synthetic weed substitutes are better than the real thing as far as a person's health, they are lying to your fucking face.

People smoke pot, and if they are getting tested then they will get around it. It isn't an indicator of some rising trend of potheads. I know a bunch of NCAA athletes at all levels who do drugs far worse than pot and still perform on the field.

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