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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Commit a misdemeanor, NY takes your DNA

From Newser:
New York is poised to become the first state in the nation to require people convicted of any crime, no matter how minor, to provide DNA samples for a database. The state's lawmakers are putting the finishing touches on the measure, which would double the size of New York's DNA database, reports the New York Times. Supporters—including all 62 of the state's district attorneys—say the move will catch more violent offenders and exonerate more innocent people. 

"Every single time we’ve expanded the DNA database, we have shown how effective it is in convicting people who commit crimes, and we’ve also shown that it can be used to exonerate the innocent,” the chief of the Citizens Crime Commission says. The legislation would allow both prosecutors and defense lawyers to access the database. Some lawmakers are seeking to add a measure to the bill that would make it a violation, not a crime, to possess very small amounts of marijuana in public.

Trading DNA for weed decriminalization

Woah, that last sentence saved me from railing on this bill. If you are going to take DNA for small crimes then you should at least admit that having a small amount of weed isn't a crime. Let's be real.

I mean I don't like the cops knowing me. They don't have my prints or my DNA hell they have only interacted with me by ticketing my car, once. I like not being on the law's radar. But that being said if you get caught for a crime, no matter how small, in our society you sacrifice something. A fine or something maybe, and soon to be your DNA. So its business as usual in New York until this thing passes and changes weed into a violation. But when it does this is a big step for legal weed in New York.


  1. Uhm. Weed is decriminalized in new york Bud. Haha

  2. http://norml.org/laws/penalties/item/new-york-penalties-2