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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Idol Contestant booted for hiding arrests

From the Smoking Gun:
The “American Idol” contestant expected to be booted from the show tonight is the subject of five outstanding arrest warrants in New Jersey, The Smoking Gun has learned.
Jermaine Jones, 25, is wanted in three separate counties for failing to appear in court on a variety of criminal charges dating back to 2006, according to court records. His two most recent arrests came last year in Camden County, where he works as a vocal instructor.

The oldest warrant stems from a 2006 narcotics bust in Salem County. Jones’s next collar came in 2008 in Woodbury, where he was cited on an open container charge. In 2009 he was nabbed for providing cops with a false name in Winslow Township.

Jones's first arrest in 2011 came in March, when he provided a cop with the false name "Joel Jones" to "avoid being apprehended on outstanding warrants for his arrest," according to a criminal complaint. He was nabbed in late-November for again giving false information to a police officer. This time, he claimed to be "Kareem D. Watkins" in "an attempt to avoid arrest for numerous outstanding warrants for his arrest," according to a Municipal Court criminal complaint.

In a Twitter post last night, Jones reported, “Awww I will no longer b on the show.” While he did not expound further on his departure from the Fox TV hit, he apparently has been bounced for failing to disclose his arrest history to the show’s producers.

Well done idiot
I always find it so stupid when people try to hide shit like arrests and warrants. I mean you are only on the biggest Fox show of the decade, I'm sure they won't figure out that you've been hit up by the cops for crimes including a narcotics bust. Earth to jackass, they always find out. And this dude is clearly a liar. I mean lying to cops about who you are is another idiotic thing to do. They are the fucking cops. A simple "can I see your id sir?" And that lie is boned.

But that being said I have never seen the dude sing. He will probably get scooped up by some small label and do okay. That is unless he gets arrested any more. How many times do Jersey cops let you falsify your identity before they put you away? This guy's time must be coming soon. But then he'll he street cred. Who knows I just know he's a dumbass.

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